UTBMS Translation Project

Recognizing the global nature of legal ebilling, the LEDES Oversight Committee will shortly have available a version of the UTBMS code sets in simplified Chinese.  The project includes a natural explanation of the different legal processes included within the code definitions so that they are more easily understood in jurisdictions outside of the United States.  As soon as this first set is approved, we will quickly move to obtain translations into traditional Spanish, Arabic, traditional Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, German, French and Italian. 

Look for this new information on UTBMS.com in the coming months.  

This is the most expensive project undertaken in the organization’s history.  Unlike other organizations, the LEDES Oversight Committee does not have vendor or law department sponsors that underwrite our expenses, our revenue is derived solely from annual member dues, ($95 USD/year).  To support this project, consider joining the LEDES Oversight Committee.  

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