LOC eDiscovery Codes

For several years the most common request received by the LEDES Oversight Committee was to provide a schema for budgeting and billing eDiscovery costs.  The LOC started this project in 2010 with the help of EDRM.

The LOC 2011 eDiscovery Set includes 9 phases and 25 more granular task codes. The numbering pattern for the eDiscovery Codes is slightly different than those in other UTBMS Code sets and is designed to supplement any existing Litigation Code Set.

eDiscovery UTBMS Code – Ratified 7-13-2011

To supplement the eDiscovery Codes, the LEDES Oversight Committee recommends clients use the LOC 2013 Revised Activity Codes, the LOC 2013 Revised Expense Codes, and the LOC 2014 Revised Timekeeper Codes.  Each of these projects was undertaken to pick up the additional dimensions necessary to align legal ebilling with the EDRM Metrics Cube and considered other changes necessary across all of legal to update each of these data elements used in legal ebilling.

The LOC thanks EDRM for the expertise and assistance provided in creating the LOC 2011 eDiscovery Code Set.

To fully realize the benefit of ebilling and budgeting eDiscovery matters, in addition to the LOC UTBMS eDiscovery Task Codes, you should also use:

All of the above ebilling data elements have been revised specifically to address needs associated with eDiscovery and complete alignment of legal ebilling with the EDRM Metrics Cube.