Non-English UTBMS Translations

The UTBMS (Uniform Task-Based Management System) used in legal ebilling have been created by numerous different bodies, and most were created with consideration of the American legal system.  This makes the codes difficult for global users because in some cases (i) they don’t fully understand the English documentation and (ii) they don’t understand the American legal terms used in the codes.  

To better support global users, the LEDES Oversight Committee has undertaken a project to translate the UTBMS Code sets from English into the following languages:  Chinese (simplified); Spanish (traditional); Arabic; Portuguese (traditional); Russian; Japanese; German; French; and Italian.  Each set of translations has been professionally created and then reviewed by LOC members in these countries to ensure the translations provide better guidance in terms of the legal terms used.  

This project has been fully funded by the LEDES Oversight Committee and represents the biggest financial outlay of the organization since our formation.  To support this project, especially if you would like to volunteer to assist with reviewing the translations, please consider joining the LEDES Oversight Committee.  

Please check back to this page as the translations are released.  

Arabic – Not yet available

Chinese (Simplified) – Released January 2021

French – Not yet available

German – Not yet available

Italian – Not yet available

Japanese – Not yet available

Portuguese (Traditional) – Not yet available

Russian – Not yet available

Spanish (Traditional) – Not yet available

The LEDES Oversight Committee would like to thank the originating organizations of each of the Code Sets for allowing us to proceed with this project, as well as the members who provided assistance in creating these translations.